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Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

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Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

The Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations contained on this web site are wage determinations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts..

IEC Southern Colorado Chapter Quick Wisdom:

Counselors to America's Small Businesses or SCORE provides a "5 Tips" section on their website. It covers a lot of ground and is a great resource for the busy business owner. Check out SCORE's site today!


First Year Apprentice Curriculum

IEC - Educating Tomorrow's Electricians Today

IEC’s award—winning curriculum is updated regularly by the IEC National Apprenticeship and Training Committee to provide apprentices with the latest technology and methods in the electrical construction industry.

The IEC instructors are state—licensed journeymen or master electricians currently working in the electrical trade.
The hands—on lab boards are updated with the latest devices on the market so that you can become familiar with the most advanced products available.

First Year Curriculum:

102—CPR (Taught by certified instructor)
103—First—Aid (Taught by certified instructor)
104—Hand Tools
105—Introduction to electricity
106—Electrical symbols and outlets, circuit theory
107—Lighting, appliance circuits, static electricity
108—Conductor sizes and types, wiring basic circuits
109—Switch control, receptacle bonding, and magnetism
110—Mid-term review and exam
111—Ground fault protection and resistors
112—Lighting fixtures and Ohm’s Law—series circuits
113—Bedroom lighting and parallel circuits
114—Lighting branch circuits
115—Entryway lighting
116—Kitchen circuits
117—First semester review
118—First semester final exam
119—Living room/study circuits, series/parallel circuits
120—Laundry outlets
121—Garage circuits and Kirchoff’s Laws
122—Recreational rooms, workshops and Tevenin’s Theorem
123—Water pumps/heaters, current sources/superposition
124—Kitchen outlets
125—Special purpose outlets
126—Heating systems
127—Mid-term review and exam
128—Low voltage systems
129—Lamp identification and low voltage lighting
130—Fire alarm and security systems
131—Remote control systems and knots and rigging
132—Pipe bending
133—Service entrance equipment
134—Swimming pools
135—Second semester review
136—Second semester final exam

To print out the complete IEC Southern Colorado Curriculum Guide, click here.